Heather & Cornelius Lindsey App recensioner

Good Devotions and Recipes, Design poor

I love the recipes on the app along with the devotions. However, the design of the app seems outdated and pretty standard. I'd love to see the recipes organized in a way that's easier to read, perhaps by date, the recipes are probably better suited for a blog. The app itself needs to be designed so that it is intuitive and up-to-date. It's rare that I have to pay for apps, and I can't seem to figure out why this app costs money especially since most of the content is available on their other platforms. I'd also recommend a content editor, or maybe a manager for the app. I don't feel the same amount of love in the app that The Lindsey's put into their other social media sites. Having said all of that... I would pay $1.99 over and over for the vegan lasagna recipe. And, while the app may need a facelift, it is clear that God uses this family and their ministry to bring hope to many and bless everyone they encounter. With love, Alicia

Lots of goodies

Love the devotions and recipes especially! One suggestion would be to put newer content at the top instead of bottom.

Great app!!

I love all the vegan recipes!

You should get it

Their weekly devotion will help you to go through the week..

Gets me through my week!

If you don't have this app go buy it tonight! It's full of devotions, podcast, recipes, video sermons, a photo gallery, ask portion, & so much more! This app gets not only me but a few of my close friends through our weeks w daily ALERTS.. & extras. I think I might have paid $1.99 but it's worth every penny. Go Download & Enjoy: Today with the Lindsey's by Heather & Cornelius Lindsey ( a very inspirational & anointed couple that relates to issues from young to older individuals, & makes learning about the Lord a daily necessity) Thank me later 😘

Highly recommended

This app is amazing and has helped me in my walk with Christ. I highly recommend everyone to get this app. It's worth every single penny and a must have app! Thanks for this app Mr. & Mrs. Lindsey's

Love it

Love the App and all the Lindsey's pour into me!!!!!!! I pray Gods continued blessings over their lives and their minitries

Waste of $1.99

I would recommend this app. You can get a lot of this content for free off their blogs, and their church website. Why waste $1.99. I would like a refund for this.

Always just want I need to read!

Love love love the Lindsey's and their ministry! God continue to bless you!


I love this app. This is my favorite app on my phone. My phone deleted a bunch of my apps and where the app was once free, now it's two dollars, And it says that I have to repurchase the app.

Alerts are working again.

The push notifications/are working again in the app. Thank you so much for the great customer support in fixing this matter. I can now follow the daily scriptures and devotionals. Thank you so much Lindsey!

No notifications

I downloaded this app a few weeks ago for the daily inspirational messages. I haven't received one yet! I contacted Ms. Lindsey on her Facebook page, she referred me to an email address of a person who was supposed to help with the issue. He took me through a bunch of steps on my iPhone, after doing EVERYTHING he told me to do, he asked me to wait a week because some people start to get notifications after completing these steps. I waited over a week, contacted him again, and he now tells me to wait 14 MORE days until Apple rebuilds this app. Really?! I normally don't buy apps but really enjoy the straight forwardness and truth of Ms. Lindsey's musings but this was a total waste of money! I understand things happen but this is totally unacceptable and I do hope they get it all straightened out.

Awesome App!!

Great app!!! I receive an on time message at least twice a day. The message pops up on my phone. I have no problems with it. I am an iPhone user. I went into settings... click on The Lindsey's app.... Turn on notifications and touch the icon for alerts. The messages some through in the middle of the screen. It is an awesome app. You just need to go into settings and setup the Lindsey app so you can receive alerts.

No notifications!!

Ever since the update, app doesn't work like it used too. I don't get any notifications.

No App Notifications

I am not getting any of the notifications anymore. Help!

It doesn't work like it should...

I hate to write this "bad" review because the Lindsey's have been an inspiration to me, but this app doesn't work as stated. No push notifications or messages. And the messages are really why I purchased the app. Just something to consider for future buyers.

Negative star

Waste of money. I have yet to receive notifications. I should've read the reviews before purchasing it. I wanted this app for the purpose of receiving those notifications to get a new perspective in this season of my life. Very disappointed because I never purchase apps but I gave it a shot. I've tried everything TWICE to make sure I can receive the notifications but I can't. I originally followed her on Instagram because of this.

Don't receive app notifications

I downloaded the app a few months back, but after the update I no longer receive the app notifications. I have tried deleting the app and downloading it again, but still no alerts. Will this issue be fixed soon?

Notifications doesn't work

I never purchase apps but when I seen Heather post the notifications on Instagram I said I would purchase this app for the motivational messages. I yet to receive any notifications. App seems to not be working I have check my setting several times... DISAPPOINTED

No Push Notifications 😓

I'm not receiving any notifications. Help please. Heather? Cornelius? Logan? BGL.. Anybody? #fixitjesus

No App Notification

Purchased app about 2 weeks ago, haven't received one notification. Settings in my phone have been tripled checked. Help please.

No push notifications

I originally got the app for the push notifications which I can't even get and I've tried everything. Help!!!!

Stopped working

Brought this for daily inspiration but never received the app alerts. Since the update I cannot access any older alerts. Waste of money buyer beware.

Love the family but app needs a little love.

The main reason I downloaded the app was for the daily quotes alerts and 'bed checks'. However, they are not coming through even with my push notifications set up properly on my device. I can't figure out how to get app help either it just takes me to Heather's blog. Wish I could figure this out :(

Can we update for IPhone 6

I love getting alerts they encourage me so much. I upgraded to a IPhone6 and now I can not get the alerts to pop up. I miss them popping up now I have to go in the app. Please fix! I love this app!

App alerts NEEDED/REQUESTED✔️✔️✔️

Love your app! I wish the alerts would pop up, instead of going into the app. I bought the app to have app alerts on my cell phone but it doesn't have that option yet, are they working the issue???? Thanks in advance!

Please Update!

I love this everything about this app and I've had it for about a month now and it keeps crashing... It won't open :(


I love the reminders on this app, and how God always speaks to me through the Lindsey's ministry! Amazing app and powerful words from God. Highly recommend this app!

Save Your Money! Just continue to follow them on social media

When I purchased this app I thought I was getting more of the Lindsay's ministries sort of like a exclusive look but I was SO WRONG! If I would have know that I would know more by just their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages combined than I know from this app I would have saved my money. The same recipes and weekly devotional have been up for weeks now and the notifications are like "Stop Worrying". PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP MORE FREQUENTLY! Otherwise what was the point of releasing it.

I love this app!

I am thankful for this app because the push notifications for the inspirations always seem to come at a time when I need encouragement.

Good content, flawed design

The push alerts don't consistently work, you have to keep checking back. And the dates are out of order for content. Potential to be great if they work out the bugs. Hopefully soon :(

More updates, please!

I love listening to the Lindseys' sermons online, reading blogs, etc. And although I'm more than willing to give a "donation" to support the cause, and have done so, I almost hate that I paid for an app that is not updated as frequently as I expect. I LOVE the blurbs that I get almost daily, but I would like to also see more substantial posts. Maybe a summary of a sermon that someone could not watch? They have all been so inspirational so seeing it in print would be icing on the cake to me. I felt I had to come write this review because although I am in love this with ministry from a distance, I must remember that I paid for this relatively expensive app (in the world of apps) to not at least get a fresh weekly devotional. That being said, this was a rant about the functionality and updating of the app, not about the ministry. I LOVE the Lindseys, and soak up every Word I hear from either of them. I'm so glad they decided to follow in God's path for them, because it is a great motivation for me to do the same.

Not Updated

Downloaded following a Twitter post, but the APP is not updated. If you pay $1.99 content should be current.


After writing a long and detailed review it was deleted. So here's my second review smh. I purchased the app the day It came out and at first I was pleasantly pleased although a lot of the content is from their blogs. I loved the 3 recipes and hoped for more (never got that) I loved the devotions and haven't gotten any since 2 months ago. Push to app notifications work every so often but it message is so simplistic "stop worrying" or "stop stressing". I just expected more. I get more from their Instagram feeds. I'm a true fan of the Lindsay's however I just feel like they may not have the time to devote to this type of app.


This app has great potential and I'm thankful for it. But the things that it promised are not fulfilled. I haven't seen consistent recipes, no push notifications, and it's hard to find the devotional a because they are so out of order. I enjoy the things on the app but I feel it needs restructured. It's the first app for them so I will give credit where it's due I just hope they fix the glitches and fulfill the apps purpose. So people can feel as if it was worth the money spent.

Great app but receive no alerts!

I love the message y'all put out, but I don't get alerts anymore from the app.

Love It

I love the app! The devotionals and being able to listen to the sermons are my favorite. I would give it 5 stars, but I'm still unable to get the notifications on my phone😔 which doesn't allow me to experience it on its entirety.

Great App

I love the app but their is a problem with the daily reminders. When I open up the app they aren't up to date.

Love this app but...

The main reason why I downloaded this app was to receive the daily alerts. I have tried to set it up through phone settings app settings and nothing yet. I have to go inside the app and read the alerts manually. I still give it a 5 star because it is a great app and I know they are working on the issue I just wish it were sooner. Once it's fixed I will be happy and it will really deserve the 5 stars.

Love this app =)

This is actually the first app I've paid for. Lol. It's very diverse and I love that I have so many things to explore. As much as I love it, I cannot get my alerts to work for it! =( I have the iPhone 4S. But to God be the Glory! Thank you for letting him use you both!

Thank The Lord!!

So grateful for this app! I know the price was $1.99. . Was anyone else charged $2.15? Just wondering?

Awesome App, everything I need!

Wow, this app is awesome! I can tell that you all worked hard on this app, made in excellence! I so needed this app my favorite features so far are the podcasts and articles. They're perfect for me throughout the week. I'm in nursing school and not able to go to church regularly so this app came right on time! I love the Lindseys!!!

Love it!

This app is great! It was put together very well and everything included in it is great as well. Definitely worth downloading

Awesome App!

Thank you Heather & Cornelius for this app! I'm already a fan of Heather's blogs and devotional emails and having the app makes it easier to access both. Thanks! xoxo

Bought all but have iPhone 4

I bought the app but I have the iPhone 4 and I did not know it only works for iPhone 5. I really wanted this app :(

Great app!

I've been waiting for this app for a long time & I'm very impressed. My only suggestion is that the fonts be bigger so that it's more mobile friendly.

Love it!

My face right now >>😍😍😍 great quality, love the colors and so far haven't had any glitches runs pretty smooth! You guys rock! Gotta go now devotional time with the Lindsey's! 😉

Best idea ever !!

I love it seeing a young couple so powerful and willing to share God!!!!but ... I can't hear the podcasts...:(

Thank You

I'm honored to read and follow on these two and their devoted life for Jesus Christ. Enabling me to believe that if they can do it so can I. Jesus will love me all the same. Wonderful! An app of daily devotions, blogs, bed check and etc I can follow on a daily through my every steps everywhere I go. I'm honored to be a supporting factor towards thee progress.

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