Heather & Cornelius Lindsey App Reviews

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This is a must buy:)

Glory to God!!!

I love your ministry. UrbanLax Ministries loves what God is doing through you two and we will continue our support. -Ahnna Alise

Awesome App

Awesome app!!! In so grateful!! Congrats to the both of you!!! Cant wait for more!


Oh my Im super excited about this app!! Its downloaded and ready to go!! Thank you so much whoo hoo!!! #pinkypromise

Thank You

Im honored to read and follow on these two and their devoted life for Jesus Christ. Enabling me to believe that if they can do it so can I. Jesus will love me all the same. Wonderful! An app of daily devotions, blogs, bed check and etc I can follow on a daily through my every steps everywhere I go. Im honored to be a supporting factor towards thee progress.

Best idea ever !!

I love it seeing a young couple so powerful and willing to share God!!!!but ... I cant hear the podcasts...:(

Love it!

My face right now >>

Great app!

Ive been waiting for this app for a long time & Im very impressed. My only suggestion is that the fonts be bigger so that its more mobile friendly.

Bought all but have iPhone 4

I bought the app but I have the iPhone 4 and I did not know it only works for iPhone 5. I really wanted this app :(

Awesome App!

Thank you Heather & Cornelius for this app! Im already a fan of Heathers blogs and devotional emails and having the app makes it easier to access both. Thanks! xoxo

Love it!

This app is great! It was put together very well and everything included in it is great as well. Definitely worth downloading

Awesome App, everything I need!

Wow, this app is awesome! I can tell that you all worked hard on this app, made in excellence! I so needed this app my favorite features so far are the podcasts and articles. Theyre perfect for me throughout the week. Im in nursing school and not able to go to church regularly so this app came right on time! I love the Lindseys!!!

Thank The Lord!!

So grateful for this app! I know the price was $1.99. . Was anyone else charged $2.15? Just wondering?

Love this app =)

This is actually the first app Ive paid for. Lol. Its very diverse and I love that I have so many things to explore. As much as I love it, I cannot get my alerts to work for it! =( I have the iPhone 4S. But to God be the Glory! Thank you for letting him use you both!

Love this app but...

The main reason why I downloaded this app was to receive the daily alerts. I have tried to set it up through phone settings app settings and nothing yet. I have to go inside the app and read the alerts manually. I still give it a 5 star because it is a great app and I know they are working on the issue I just wish it were sooner. Once its fixed I will be happy and it will really deserve the 5 stars.

Great App

I love the app but their is a problem with the daily reminders. When I open up the app they arent up to date.

Love It

I love the app! The devotionals and being able to listen to the sermons are my favorite. I would give it 5 stars, but Im still unable to get the notifications on my phone

Great app but receive no alerts!

I love the message yall put out, but I dont get alerts anymore from the app.


This app has great potential and Im thankful for it. But the things that it promised are not fulfilled. I havent seen consistent recipes, no push notifications, and its hard to find the devotional a because they are so out of order. I enjoy the things on the app but I feel it needs restructured. Its the first app for them so I will give credit where its due I just hope they fix the glitches and fulfill the apps purpose. So people can feel as if it was worth the money spent.


After writing a long and detailed review it was deleted. So heres my second review smh. I purchased the app the day It came out and at first I was pleasantly pleased although a lot of the content is from their blogs. I loved the 3 recipes and hoped for more (never got that) I loved the devotions and havent gotten any since 2 months ago. Push to app notifications work every so often but it message is so simplistic "stop worrying" or "stop stressing". I just expected more. I get more from their Instagram feeds. Im a true fan of the Lindsays however I just feel like they may not have the time to devote to this type of app.

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